1. Eligibility

This is the first step in your application process.

Before applying, select the program or course of your choice and read through the pre-entry requirements carefully. It is vital that you fulfill the pre-entry requirements. If you’re not sure about the requirements or have any other question please contact us prior to making the formal application. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you throughout the application proess.


2. Application

We pride ourselves in delivering the best education possible to our students.

Once you have reviewed the pre-entry requirements and ensured that you fulfill all the listed requirements then the next step in this process is to start the application process which is done by filling in the form below. Once you have filled in the form and sent your application request, our team will contact you with a request for further documentation required for your application. This is normally done within 48 hours.

Review Process

3. Review Process

Our review process has put us in the top 10 schools and colleges in the world.

We have a commitment to ensure that our students receive the best pastoral care and support so that they feel happy and safe here and are therefore able to thrive and achieve academically. Our Student Services team are all trained to work with student pilots to be and as part of the team we have other students support the application process. The review process starts once we have received all the requested documentation from you. Each application will be reviewed and if accepted, signed by the Academy’s Head of Traininng.


4. Success

You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment.

This is the final step in the application process and the first step in your training program. A booking fee shall be paid to reserve your slot and if visa is required for your stay in Sweden, we will start the visa application process. You will receive a start date for your training and all information required for your course start.

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