New Course (APS MCC)


Stoflight now offers the well requested APS MCC course. The enhanced version includes twice the simulator time as an conventional MCC course and is fully airline oriented. The purpose of the course is to better prepare future airline pilots for their upcoming assessment, as well as giving an deeper understanding in airline operations and procedures.   Are you interested in APS MCC course? Find out more here.

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Flight Instructor (FI) Training


We are glad to inform that Stoflight has officially been approved to educate Flight Instructors. Our new FI-training takes approximately 2-3 months to complete and all training is given in our facilities at Stockholm Västerås Airport. Upon graduation you will obtain 30 flight hours on the Single Engine Piston (SEP). As part of your FI-training, you will be teaching both theoretical classes as well as practical flight training. The objective is not to only better your flight expertise but also to sharpen your pedagogy skills and understand the principles of teaching in Aviation. Are you interested in our FI-course? Contact us [...]

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Cessna Citation


Stoflight Academy has been approved to offer type rating on the Cessna Citation 500/550 (501/551). As one of few training organizations in the world, we can offer the training in the actual aircraft. That means that all your practical flight training will be conducted in the Cessna Citation aircraft together with our experienced instructors. The Cessna Citation is commonly used by business jet operators. Are you interested in our Cessna Citation type rating course? Contact us via

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New DA42 Flight Simulator


We have been looking for a capable simulator to meet our needs for a while now and after trying a few of them, we finally found the Alsim AL42 to be the best. We flew the simulator and were impressed by its capabilities and we’re looking forward to include the AL42 in our training. The simulator is manufactured by Alsim Simulators in France and will be delivered to Stoflight training center in May 2018.

New DA42 Flight Simulator2021-07-30T23:15:52+02:00
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